Whitmor 50-Pair Shoe Tower Review

Do you have an infatuation for shoes but you don’t have much space to store them? Tired of tripping over your shoes and boots as you find your way to your door? Are you in search for the best means to keep your shoe safe and organized? This is where Whitmor 50-Pair Shoe Tower comes in.

This convenient shoe rack gives a solution to storing your shoes and allows you to retain your floor space by saying goodbye to clutter. It has great 10 tiers that can hold 50 pairs of shoes and it also has a non-slip feature which is responsible for keeping your shoes intact and organized.

This can accommodate both women and men shoes, from high heels, loafers, boots, and flip-flops. It is manufactured from heavy metals which have a shiny chrome finish. The shoe rack is very slim with large storage space to occupy your shoes.

It is one of the best shoe racks in the market today and it has rolling wheels installed in its base for easy movement. This makes it easy for you to move your rack swiftly from one place to another even with your shoes on it. Also, the wheel at the best of the rack has a locking system to keep it secure in one position

What to consider

The size of your shoes, the space in your room because the rack is tall and also you have to consider type of shoes you intend storing on the rack. It can be positioned anywhere in your house and can be stored up with both men and women shoes.


  • Storage Options: It can be used to store shoes and other household materials.
  • Portable: This is very portable and easy to move about with the aid of the wheel in the base
  • Easy assembly: it is very easy to assemble without much stress
  • Capacity: it can store up to 50 pairs of shoes
  • Product Dimension: 6 x 36.5 x 59.5 inches
  • Product weight: 14.8 pounds


  • This is very easy to use for anyone
  • It is easy to assemble without taking much time
  • It is made of sturdy and durable materials
  • It has wheel in the base for easy movement
  • It has 10 tiers with large storage capacity
  • It can hold effectively 50 pairs of shoes
  • It can be used to store both men and women shoes
  • It comes cheap, affordable and it’s the best shoe rack most home can’t do without


  • Some said the frame doesn’t look strong when moving the rack.

Why this isn’t a problem

I will advise that you should always support the frame of the rack with your hands when moving because it can possibly fall off due to the weight of your shoes positioned on it when moving it. So therefore, just support with your hands and you will find fun moving the rack from one position to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what is the height and wide measurement of the rack?

A: This rack measures 59 3/4″ high and is 35″ wide. Depth is 9 3/8″

Q: Can the shoe rack hold high heels on each tier?

A: yes it can

Q: What are the dimensions of the shoe rack?

A: 31″ high, 25″ wide, 9″ deep


This is wonderful metal rack is one of the best shoe cabinets out there in the market. It is good for storing different types of shoes from boots, shoes to flip-flops.  It can be used to store both men and women shoes with space storage of 50 pairs of shoes. Your shoes won’t fall off in the process of moving it from one place to another with the non-slip system in place to keep them intact.

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