Whitmor 36-Pair OTD Best Shoe Rack Review


Whitmor 36-Pair OTD Shoe Rack is the perfect over the door shoe storage for different types of shoes for both women and men. The usability of this shoe rack is different from the normal racks that are placed on the floor in such that this can be mounted on your wall or fixed to the back of your door or closet.

The shoe storage device has the capacity to withstand 36 pairs of shoes (men and women) of different types and sizes.  It is made with a patented design to ensure that each bar of the rack has the ability to flip up and create more space for the ones below.  This gives the platform for the storage of heavy and taller heels, boots, and shoes easily.

The good side of this rack is that the bars come with a non-slip coating to ensure that your shoes are rightly in place. It also has non-slip door pads that help to keep the shoes stabilized in the shoe rack every time the door is opened or closed. The shoe rack is made from quality resin and durable coated steel, and it is very easy to assemble without the use of any tools.

What to consider

Due to the functionality of this shoe rack, even with little ground space in your room, you can still keep your shoes organized. This shoe rack is different from those positioned on the floor as it comes with two different option of either mounting on your wall or on your door.

Therefore, things to consider are the size of your door because this rack seems not to fit on doors less than 24 inches, and if you will be mounting on your wall, you should be careful of how you bore holes on your wall to fix this. It can be used to store both men and women shoes.


  • Capacity: This has a large capacity to hold 36 pairs of shoes
  • Storage Options: This can be either positioned on the wall or your door which makes it different from those positioned on the floor.
  • Construction: It is made from strong and durable material: white resin and steel
  • Functionality: The shoe rack can hold up taller shoes and boots easily
  • Product spec: It has a dimension of 5 x 22.6 x 74.5 inches and it weighs 5.6 pounds


  • This is very easy to assemble
  • It is made from resin and coated steel
  • It is versatile which means it can be used on the wall or on your door.
  • It comes with foldable bars
  • It has the capacity to holds about 36 pairs of shoes
  • It requires no tools to assemble


Why this isn’t a problem

The door isn’t the only place you can position this shoe rack. On the off chance that your door is less than 24 inches wide, you can easily drill holes on your wall using a drilling machine and mount the shoe rack on it.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How can I mount this shoe rack on the wall?

A: The mounting is in an L shape so just ensure you locate the screw point and fasten it on the wall using your screw driver.

Q: Does it hold shoe firmly and prevents fall?

A: Yes it does. It has bars and pad that helps to keep your shoes intact whenever the door is opened or closed.

Q: Does it require the use of additional hooks?

A: No. The two provided is enough to get the work done


For those who don’t have the luxury of space in their home and in need of cheap and quality shoe rack to get their shoes organized, this over the door shoe storage is just the perfect choice. You just have to position in on the wall and easily arrange your shoes into the tier and it can be used for both men and female shoes.

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