Whitmor 20-Pair Floor Cheap Shoe Stand Review


Whitmor 20-Pair Floor Shoe Stand is just the perfect solution for individuals with large numbers of shoes but with little space storage. On the off chance that you have a small room and you don’t have the financial capacity to migrate to a bigger room, with lots of shoes in possession. You can make use of the best shoe rack to keep your shoes arranged in place.

The shoe rack can be perfectly used for storing women’s and men’s shoes of different types, from boots, heels, sandals, loafers, and flip-flops.  This shoe rack can be positioned in one’s closet rightly under your hanging clothes with the goal of making good use of the little space you have.

For those looking for the best shoe storage with little budget, Whitmor 20-Pair Floor Shoe Stand is just the right one for you.  The shoe storage tool is made from durable and reliable white resin frame and this requires no tools or level of expertise to assemble.

It is very easy to assemble as it comes with 8 bars that are attached to the two legs that hold the rack together and it is also easy to disassemble.

What to consider

Getting the best cheap storage isn’t so difficult but there is some important aspect you have to give attention to such as the size of the shoe rack you intend buying which should be determined by the space you have in your room or office. The size of shoe storage you want should not only have the capacity to withstand the weight of your shoes but also fit into space where you wish to reside it.

Also, apart from the size and space, the style and color of the rack should complement the interior design of your home. And with the white resin color of the Whitmor 20-Pair Floor Shoe Stand, it can perfectly complement any interior design of your room.


  • Extra Storage Options: After assembling of the rack; it has four layers which make it ideal for individuals with lot of shoes
  • Capacity: This shoe rack can be used to store more than twenty pairs of shoes
  • Construction: It is constructed in such a way that it can be positioned in any place in your room or office with little space to consume.
  • Easy Assemble: It doesn’t require the service if an expert to fix as all it takes is just five minutes of your time to get it fixed.
  • Product spec: Product weighs 2.4 pounds with the dimension of 9 x 35.8 x 18.8


  • The shoe rack is very easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It is one of the best shoe storage every home should have
  • It is a lightweight device and it can hold your shoe perfectly
  • It is very cheap which means it is affordable for everyone
  • Its 35.8 inches wide with 4 tiers that can hold 4 pairs of shoes


  • Some users complained it is made of plastic and can’t withstand heavy shoes

Why this isn’t a problem

This isn’t much of a setback as those who have heavy shoes can make use of the last two layers to store their heavy boots or shoes while they store the lightweight shoes in the first two layers. However, you can as well position this rack to rest on your wall to enhance its support of handling the weight of your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many pairs of shoes can the rack hold since it is just 35.8 inches wide?

A: This has 4 tiers and each can conveniently hold 4 pairs of shoes

Q: What is it made off? Can it be used by men?

A: It is made from plastic and it is strong enough to hold men’s foot wears but not the heavy duty boots.

Q: The size of my shoes is 9, do you think they’d fit perfectly?

A; yes they will fit perfectly


Why do you have to litter your room with shoes when you can easily get them arranged and stored on a rack? Get your room organized with little to worry about your shoes when they are kept on the shoe rack. Part of the importance of the shoe rack that people don’t give attention to is that, apart from storing your shoes, it helps to keep the shoe safe to increase their life span.

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