SONGMICS Bamboo 4-Tier Shoe Storage Organizer Review

Are you tired of shoes cluttering your room? Then you should get a shoe rack to organize and keep your shoes in good condition. Shoe rack comes in different styles and storage space based on their tier and the common ones are made from iron pipes.

However, this particular rack is discussing here is made of natural bamboo material. How about that? Having a wonderful shoe rack with a nice design constructed from natural bamboo material to add more touch of beauty to your interior design. The bamboo is designed in a sleek style to ensure that the shoe rack has the perfect fashion to blend into the design of your closet, entryway, and wardrobe.

The SONGMICS 100% Bamboo 4-Tier Shoe Rack comes with 4 tiers with the capacity to store up to 16 pairs of small shoes and it has a non-slip organizer to keep your shoes organized. Also, on the off chance that you might need to store high shoes, you can just remove a tier and store your shoes.

What to consider

You have to consider the material this rack is made from.  It is made from bamboo materials and it is quite different from rack made from the iron pipe but you can be assured it is strong enough and durable to hold different types of shoes.  It can be placed anywhere in your home and it’s the right choice if you have little floor space in your room.


  • Multifunctional: This is made from 100% bamboo materials which make it environment-friendly. It has 4 tiers that can be used to store shoes, toiletries, plant mug in the balcony and bags in your bedroom.
  • Design: It has a wonderful design with rounded corners that keeps the skin of anyone that comes in contact with it safe from scratch.
  • Easy Assemble: It can be assembled easily using the antitrust and durable screws and it can be disassembled too. It comes with the tools for this
  • Space Saving: This can be used in any small compartment.
  • Color: Brown
  • Product weight: 6.6 lbs


  • It is made from 100 % bamboo material
  • It comes with alluring design
  • It adds more beauty to the design of any room
  • It is cheap and affordable to get
  • It is very easy to assemble with the tools provided
  • It can store up more than 12 pairs of shoes
  • It can be used by men and women
  • It can hold different types and size of shoes


  • This can only store 12 pairs of shoes

Why this isn’t a problem

This shouldn’t discourage you as you can choose to make use of the upper part of the rack to store up your shoes and with this, it will store more than 12 pairs of shoes. It is the best choice for those who have small numbers of shoes and would love to keep the safe on a rack with a wonderful design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many pairs of shoes will one tier holds?

A: It can hold up to 3 pairs of shoes

Q: Is the rack too narrow or size 13 shoes?

A: No

Q: Can I stack the rack

A: No you can’t stack the rack


This is a nice shoe rack for those looking for a versatile and flexible rack to store and organize their shoes. It can be used to store different types of shoes and can be placed anywhere in your home without consuming much space. It is affordable and it is the best shoe rack every home must have.

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