Ollieroo 6 Tier Natural Bamboo Entryway Shoe Storage Shelf Review

Having lot of shoes scattered on the floor could be hazardous because you can easily fall off misplacing your step as a result of stepping on one of the shoes and this is why it is very good that you have a shoe rack in your room to keep your shoes safe and organized. The Ollieroo 6 Tier Natural Bamboo Shoe Rack Entryway Shoe Storage is just the best deal for those looking for a stylish design shoe rock to complement their room or closet decor.

This shoe rack add a natural touch to your room because it is made from a natural bamboo material that makes it durable and strong to hold different types of shoes. It also has a safe mothproof finish, glaze surface that is corrosion resistant and it’s very safe to use for both young and adults.

This shoe rack is very easy to assemble and you can’t resist having this shoe rack because of its versatility. It can be used for shoe storage, as a book shelf and also for decorative purposes. It garnered 6 quality tiers shelves with the capacity to withstand 30 pairs of shoes.

This has been used by people to store different types of things and it is space saver which means it doesn’t consume much space. You can position it in your bedroom, toilet, and also your entryways to have quick access to your shoes. It has an extended length of 31.5″ which can be used to store up things.

This shoe rack is unique in such that you don’t have to remove a shelf to fit your long shoes as it comes with different store sections for shoes.

What to consider

Because of the quality and what the shoe rack offers, it doesn’t come too cheap and you will have to consider your budget before spending. Another thing to consider which not a barrier to getting this rack is the floor space in your home and this shoe rack doesn’t consume space. You can also consider the types of shoes and the size so that you don’t get the rack that isn’t strong to hold your shoes


  • It is made with quality thickened 100% natural bamboo wood and its corrosion free
  • It has the tools needed for the installation included.
  • Product Dimension: 5 x 10.3 x 41.5 inches
  • Product weight 11.2 pounds


  • This is one of the best shoe racks you ought to have in your room’
  • It is environment-friendly and can be used by anyone
  • It can be used to store both men and women shoes
  • It can be used to store more than 30 pairs of small shoes
  • It can be used to store other household materials
  • It is made of 100% natural bamboo wood
  • It is corrosion free which assures you it’s going to last long


  • Some complain the frame cracks when installing

Why this isn’t a problem

You just have to be extra careful when fixing the rack because if the screw is fastened too tight it will break the frame. So you just have to ensure it is screwed but not too tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much weights can the rack support?

A: it can support more than 30 pounds

Q: Is the rack stackable?

A: No.

Q: How many shoes can the rack holds?

A: It can hold more than 30 pairs of shoe if properly arranged


You don’t know the value of a thing until you have it. This rack is a master piece for those who have lots of shoes with the challenge of how to keep them safe. You can easily store your shoes on the rack and let your mind be at rest that your shoes are in good condition.

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