HOMFA 5-Tier Wooden Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer Entryway Review

We all have preference for things and the decisions we make is influenced by what we love. But most times, it shouldn’t be by what we love but its capacity to meet our need. For those who have a lot of shoes and would love to keep them organized, should opt for the best shoe rack. But with different shoe racks out there made from different materials, it is right for you to choose the one that best suit your taste and meet up with the types of shoes and floor space you have.

Indubitably, there are some people that don’t like shoe rack made from fabric and iron pipes. I would suggest you consider shoe racks made from wooden materials with maximum durability to hold your shoes effectively.

This is where HOMFA 5-Tier Wooden Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer Entryway Shoe Rack comes in.  This shoe rack is made of 100% solid wood that add more beauty to your room and it has an environmental safe lacquer finish.  This shoe rack doesn’t only offers you reliable and stability when your shoes are organized on it but also compliment your interior with its attractive design.

What we like

This shoe rack can be used for the storage of other household materials aside from shoes. You can simply place your bag on the shelves; it can be used to improve your interior décor by placing plant vase on it, in the shower room as a towel rack, and can also be used to store books. You shouldn’t be too carried away by the versatility of this shoe rack if you don’t have the ability to handle this heavy shoe rack with the weight of 66lbs.


  • This is made from 100% quality wood and it has a safe lacquer finish on the surface which is mothproof.
  • It has large storage space that can hold shoes of different styles and sizes.
  • The product dimension is 31.9 x 10.4 x 25.2 inches
  • Product weight of 66lbs


  • This can be used by anyone from young to adults
  • It is made from strong and durable wood
  • It has good and attractive design that compliments your décor
  • It can be used to store other household materials
  • It can accommodate more than 20 pairs of shoes
  • It doesn’t come too cheap and it’s affordable
  • It has a non-slip material to keep your shoes intact
  • It is very easy to assemble


  • It is heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the shelves of the shoe rack adjustable?

A: No, the shelves are not adjustable

Q: How many shoes can it accommodate?

A: this can accommodate more than four pairs of shoe on each tier

Q: Can anyone tell me the dimension of the shoe rack when it is assembled?

A: 25.2x 10.63x 31.89 inch (64 x 27 x 81 cm)


This multi-tier shoe rack is the best option for those who have numerous shoes to store and also in need of a versatile shoe rack. This shoe rack is the right shoe rack if you are among those that don’t like fabric and iron pipe racks.

It is made of quality wood and with the mothproof feature, be assured it’s going to last long but it requires proper maintenance as the major one to do is to frequently keep dust away from it. It is very easy to assemble as you don’t need expert skills to get it fixed and also, this can be achieved easily, thanks to the manufacturers who have a manual guide on this along with the product.

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